Loud, louder, even louder - Intercom Series EX / EE 7000

In industrial facilities, the main sources of noise are machinery, equipment and technological processes. Efficient communication between employees is extremely important. Therefore the volume of transmitting and receiving messages via intercom is a key issue in such a work environment.

The solution for industrial spaces are the Intercoms Commend Series EX 7000 and EE 7000, which have an integrated loudspeaker with increased watts. At the moment, in the standard configuration, the maximum volume level is even 112 dB / 0.3 m (102dB / 1 m). Another important issue is speech intelligibility, which requires not only sound pressure / loudness but also a wide sound bandwidth. Commend Intercoms The EX 7000 and EE 7000 series provide enhanced HD sound with 16 kHz, which allows clear, uninterrupted transmission of voice messages.

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