JUNO smart controller with IoT technology

The process of implementing broadband networks involves the construction of a passive infrastructure. One of its elements are street cabinets that do not have an electrical connection, which is why they are called passive locations. Until recently, there was no control over them, but thanks to the arrival of the TKH Security JUNO controller, the state of such a location is always known.

JUNO combines access management with monitoring environmental variables, moreover, it measures the temperature and humidity in the street cabinet, checks that the cabinet is still upright, and monitors the water on the floor and the position of the door. Juno is an efficient, future-proof solution that offers full control over passive locations, used both in telecommunications and in public utilities.

See short JUNO videoclip!


JUNO smart controller's most important functions:

  • Managing passive locations in critical environments,
  • Determining the state of the street cabinet at any time,
  • Combining access management and monitoring of environmental variables,
  • Designed primarily for street cabinets that do not have an electrical connection.