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Innovations and synergy of experience and competences of companies from around the world

Holding TKH Group NV (TKH) is a technology leader in such sectors as: telecommunications, construction and system solutions. By combining the competences of the companies belonging to the holding, TKH has a very high potential in creating innovative products and introducing them to the market. This translates into the ability to offer excellent solutions that support the increase in efficiency, safety and protection of your customers. These systems are offered with software that has the options of artificial intelligence, process optimization and additionally is characterized by a high degree of integration with third systems. TKH operates on a global scale. The holding's development is concentrated in Europe, North America and Asia. TKH (TWEKA) shares are listed on the Euronext stock exchange in Amsterdam.



Summary of Holding TKH:

  • brings together over 70 companies from Europe, Asia, North and South America,
  • specializes in the production and delivery of systems in the field of telecommunications, electrical engineering, building installation systems and industrial solutions,
  • is listed on the Amsterdam Stock Exchange,
  • operates in 24 countries,
  • it employs 5,900 employees in total.

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